Ubojstvo novnira Foley-a

01) The killer didn't start his speech with "Bismillahi rahmani rahim" 02) There is no black flag in the video 03) Foley is far too calm for someone who knows he is about to have his head cut off 04) No "Allahu akbar" 05) "Killer" has an accent from NW London which conveniently has the largest Jewish population in the UK 06) Foley has been outed as a CIA asset by former US Intelligence Agent Scott Rickard which explains why he keeps popping up in US proxy war situations 07) His family didn't seem upset at news of his death on their TV interviews 08) Since when have ISIS been shy about showing the actual beheading of their victims? 09) Facial bone structure of "decapitated" head is different than Foley whilst alive 10) When have ISIS ever used graphical and audio effects in their videos? 11) Remember Foley was captured and released by Gadaffi, then went "missing" in Syria and the US govt spent the last few months claiming Assad took him. Now we are supposed to believe Assad handed him over to ISIS? 12) A big give away of the staged level of this is the orange suit. Where do ISIS get a bright orange American jail style suit from? Seems like a perfect video to shock USA audiences into being Ok with another war. Orange suit in a war zone people! 13) IS always used the black flags in their videos, and always finish with Allahu Akbar screaming.

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